Workshop Information & Participant Comments

What have we done?

In the past year we have co-facilitated a number of workshops, all of which have focused on creating a culture of connection. We explore the disconnections that we experience in our lives, in the hopes that we can formulate ways to re-connect and create more sustainable relationships.

Generally, we begin the workshop with introductions of ourselves and (depending on the group size) the participants. After that, we briefly describe Relational Cultural Theory and how it applies to our work. We follow that by going over some ground rules for the workshop and invite participants to make suggestions.

The rest of the workshop is devoted to small group processing and check-ins with the larger group. We ask participants when they have felt discouraged or shut-down at their job, while doing activist work or within their interpersonal relationships. Also, we spend time asking people what makes them feel connected to themselves and other. Finally, we share ideas about ways to work through relational conflict and discomfort.

What can we offer?

Connect can provide workshop facilitation to groups ranging from work places and classrooms to political collectives. In the past, we have addressed topics such as; activist burnout and self-care, dealing with challenging group dynamics in organizations, developing tools to address and manage conflict, transforming disconnections in interpersonal relationships, and creating a supportive culture within a group or organization. Additionally, we can create a workshop to fulfill the specific needs of your group.

We would like to continue doing workshops on a variety of topics related to connection and disconnection. Some ideas that we have been tossing around are; ways to deal with challenging personalities, interpersonal relationships and tools to deal with conflict.

How much?

The cost of each workshop is based on the needs and resources of your group.

Comments from workshop participants…

“Talking to each other and being validated about common issues and challenges in organizations was rewarding.”

“I found it helpful to acknowledge that burnout is not a failure.”

“It was great to recognize the difficulties inherent to group work before they arise.”

“This was an amazing workshop. Having the opportunity to speak in small groups and relate to one another was really useful.”

“I feel renewed and relieved from this workshop and not so overwhelmed and discouraged about the work to come.”

“You did a great job of articulating many feelings that I just can’t find words for.”

“It is difficult and scary to talk about disconnection and conflicts, but not in an unhelpful way. Sometimes I felt quite emotional but I felt like that was okay.”


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